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Bill Cipher and his friends were bored out of there minds. It's been completely boring since they were defeated and banished back to there dimension. Bill was especially angry. He thought he actually won. Yet everyone else had other plans. Ugh I thought I actually won but those idiotic two eyed 3 dimensional flesh bags had to ruin the fun for ALL OF US,"Bill said shouting the part at the top of his lungs scaring everyone else. If anyone needs me i'll be in my lair thinking of a plan,"Bill said as yellow glowing door with eyes on it floated down and Bill went inside it. Ugh maybe someone should go talk to him,"8-Ball said. Are you crazy man no one talks to Bill when he's mad,"Kryptos said. He's right you know 8-Ball you know what Bill would do if we disobeyed him,"Teeth said. Everyone shuttered at the thought. Even though they were his friends he could kill them in a trillion different ways. I'll go talk to him,"Pyronica said. But Pyronica you know he could kill you if you went in there,"Keyhole said. I know it maybe risky but someone needs to calm him down,"Pyronica said. Fine but if you get killed we'll have a coffin ready for you,"Hectorgon said. But Pyronica scoffed yet she still afraid none of them actually been in Bill's lair so she had to be ready for what the demon had in there. She opened the door to see eyes on the ceiling looking at the floor with blood pouring down from theme. A she went through see saw caged weird and scarring creatures. She stopped at one of them marked ???. KILL ME,"the thing said in a tortured voice. She looked away from the thing. She continued walking to the edge of the room seeing one thing after the other. A dart board made out of organs,a picture frame of eating the eyes of satin,and also a bunch of pictures with his enemies with there eyes out of there skulls. After seeing things that would scar God himself she finally saw Bill at the end of room. Hmm maybe if I no,"Bill said as he through a crumbled piece of paper into a trash can which had teeth at it's hole. Uh Bill,"Pyronica said nervously. Bill floated up still facing backwards with his arms crossed behind his back. What did I tell you all about going into here,"Bill said with a bit of anger in his voice. Uh I just came in to talk to you,"Pyronica said backing up slowly. Oh is that so,"Bill said turning around and floating down in front of Pyronica. Um yes,"she said. I don't need no one to talk to me I can think for myself,"Bill said as he done what Pyronica had never though she see Bill do:Cry. Uh Bill are you crying,"Pyronica asked. No,"Bill said crying a it more. Ye-e-es,"Bill admitted crying into Pyronica's shoulder. I just thought I won but those jerks had to ruin    everything for me,"Bill said through his tears. There there let it all out,"Pryonica said patting Bill's back. I just wish everything would go my way but no they had to ruin the fun,"Bill said sniffling. It's okay Bill you can always think of another plan,"Pyronica said. Bill sniffled for a second before he floated up. You know you're right,"Bill said. I could always think of other plans like crushing there hearts,or ripping there eyes out and stuffing into there brains,"Bill said. There you go Bill,"Pyronica said. I can't wait to think of a new plan to destroy their reality,"Bill said happily. I know you will,"Pyronica said. Then unexpectedly for Bill Pyronica kissed Bill on his check. See you later Bill,"Pyronica said walking out of the room. Bill started blushing. And that was something he never did.
                                     (Bill's POV)
I started thinking about what I could do to those meat bags while Pyronica cheered me on. Then she just kissed on the cheek out of no where. I couldn't believe it. I actually felt a warm feeling in my body for reasons that I didn't know. Then while she walk out of my lair. I started blushing. Me. The king of torture,the master of the mind,the one that ate the idiotic satin's eyes was blushing. I couldn't believe it. Yet I actually liked the feeling. But WHY!!!


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Giovanni Wallace
United States
I always wanted to have a deviant art account and now I have one. So i'll be doing mlp, Tiny toons, And things you want me to draw in the comments.

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